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Familiarisation Programme to Independent Directors

Pilani CSR Policy

Pilani- Policy on Material Subsidiary

Pilani- RPT Policy

Pilani - Whistle Blower Policy

Specimen letter for appointment of Independent Directors

Pilani - Board Performance Evaluation Policy

Pilani- Board Diversity Policy

Pilani - Code of Practices for Fair Disclosure of UPSI

Pilani- Composition of Board and Committees

Pilani - Archival Policy

Pilani- Policy for determination of materiality of events or information

Resignation letter of Shri K. K. Daga

IEPF Rules

Pilani - Nodal Officer

Transfer of Shares to IEPF Suspense Account

Transfer of Shares to IEPF Account- 2018

Pilani- Nomination and Remuneration Policy

Transfer of Shares to IEPF Account - 2019

Transfer of Shares to IEPF Account - 2020
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Unpaid Dividend 2010-2011

Unpaid Dividend 2011-2012

Unpaid Dividend 2012-2013

Unpaid Dividend 2013-2014

Unpaid Dividend 2014-2015

Unpaid Dividend 2015-2016

Unpaid Dividend 2016-2017

Unpaid Dividend 2017-2018