Others :

Familiarisation Programme to Independent Directors

Pilani CSR Policy

Pilani- Policy on Material Subsidiary

Pilani- RPT Policy

Pilani - Whistle Blower Policy

Specimen letter for appointment of Independent Directors

Pilani - Board Performance Evaluation Policy

Pilani - Nomination and Remuneration Policy

Pilani - Code of Practices for Fair Disclosure of UPSI

Pilani- Composition of Board and Committees

Pilani - Archival Policy

Pilani- Policy for determination of materiality of events or information

Resignation letter of Shri K. K. Daga

IEPF Rules

Transfer of Shares to IEPF Suspense Account

Transfer of Shares to IEPF Account- 2018
Unpaid Dividend :

Unpaid Dividend 2009-2010

Unpaid Dividend 2010-2011

Unpaid Dividend 2011-2012

Unpaid Dividend 2012-2013

Unpaid Dividend 2013-2014

Unpaid Dividend 2014-2015

Unpaid Dividend 2015-2016